1. The machine is running steady with strengthened driving system and it is also easy for maintenance.

2. The motor is controlled by transducer(inverter) which are available for automatic timing. It is power saved and   it helps to work stably.

3. Paper is feed by several thick belts under the help of vibration motor. Feeding is continuous exact and automatic with this system.

4. Grinder are provided in both sides of machine, to make gluing more stable and firm.

5. Two sets of gluing units: top unit for bottom glue and lower unit for side glue. All standard glue units apply line glue. Space adjustment is through the tooth rods.

6. PLC system and touch screen for easy operation. Out-put quantity/speed/counting etc is able to set by this system. A remote diagnosis helps to maintenance (remote controller system included) and a photoelectric system for speed control in pressing unit (speed in pressing unit is corresponding automatically with the one in feeding unit) Counting through photo-electric sensor & electromagnet kicking.

7. Pressing unit with pneumatic design and the upper belt is able to work separately. Pressing also by a sponge belt in this section to keep out put in a perfect condition.A transverse paper collection table after the pressing unit helps to collect boxes quickly.

8. The machine is able to make 2 fold or 4-fold crash-lock bottom boxes. In the pre-folding part, the first fold at 180o, the third fold at 135o The second fold and the fourth fold box at 180o

9. The spare parts are :Schneider Electric/PLC/Transducer(inverter) Japanese NITTA belts YHY/NSK bearing Continental timing belt. which make machine running more quick and steady. Except the normal cardboard boxes, it is able to fold and glue E flute.The pressing unit is in pneumatic design(air pressure system) to firm the glue

10. The machine speeds up to 300m/min

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