This machine use bottom sheet automatic sent by suction device, and top sheet feeding manually. This humanized design makes paper feeding easier and more efficient. It is suitable for color top sheet and corrugated paper laminating, color top sheet and grey cardboard laminating.    

1.Using suction feeding automatic of bottom sheet, according to the main machine operating speed, continuous automatic tracking

2.The humanized design that manually feeding from the front makes delivery more easier and efficient
3.Entire new concept, front gauge registration, position high accuracy, bottom sheet never exceeds the top sheet.
4.Machine uses touch-screen / PLC control system, the circuit system is stable, and can automatically display the failure alarm
5.The automatic replenishment system of glue can be added automatically during glue losses, and recycling with the glue to avoid loss of waste;
6.The scientific design of the metering roller speed to ensure the glue evenly on the same time, to avoid rejection of glue at high speed.
7.Using the rubber roller cleaning to make cleaning thoroughly, and so that the back of the corrugated cardboard never gets glue, and eliminating the trouble of frequent replacement of blade.
8.Floating removable press, to ensure that laminated paper will not be crushed, and also keep the cardboard smooth and straight; unilateral adjustment by way of adjustment worm roll lamination pressure for quick
9.Control of water tank cleaning cycle using an independent method, clean, hard rubber product;
10.Suitable for color top sheet 175-500g and A/B/C/D/E/F corrugated paper laminating;
Color top sheet 175-500g and grey cardboard paper laminating

Technical parameters:

Max sheet size1100×1100mm1300×1250mm1450×1250mm1650×1250mm
Min sheet size350×350mm350×350mm350×350mm350×350mm