SW-1050L Chain Cutter  system apply for all kinds of thermal film lamination, having the feature of accurate separation without film margin, especially for PET film, foil film and etc., with excellent function to solve complicated issue.

Main Features:

Instant Electromagnetic Heater heat up time shorten to 90 seconds
accurate temperature control:±1℃
Max. speed 100 meter/min  PET film 70 meter/min
Maximize output and profits for user.

Main technical parameters:

Max Paper Size 1050x820 mm
Min Paper Size 300x300 mm
Paper Thickness 105-500 g/m2
Laminating Speed 0-70 m/min(PET Film)
Laminating Speed 0-100 m/min
Gross Power 26kw
Weight 5000 kg
Overall Dimensions 8550x2400x1900 mm
Pre-stacker 1850mm


1. Auto feeder

2. Electromagnetic Heater

1.png 2.png

This machine is equipped with a paper pre-stacker, Servo controlled feeder and a photoelectric sensor to ensure that paper is continuously fed into the machine

Equipped with advanced electromagnetic heater. Fast pre-heating. Energy saving. Environmental protection.

3. Human-computer interface

4. Chain Cutter System

3.png 4.png

A user-friendly interface system with a color touch screen simplifies the operation process. The operator can easily and automatically control paper sizes, overlapping and machine speeds.

Chain cutter system applying bopp, pet, pvc film and etc., having the feature of accurate separation without film margin

5. High Speed Separating system

6. Corrugated Delivery


This machine is equipped with a pneumatic separating system, pneumatic perforating device and photoelectrical detector to rapidly separate the paper according .to the paper size.

A corrugated delivery system collects paper easily. 

7.Anti-curvature deviece8. Automatic stacker

The machine is equipped with an anti-curl device, which ensures that paper remains flat and smooth during the lamination process.

Automatic stacker receive the sheets quickly in order without stop the machine as well as counter the sheets

9. Film loader


Operating the film loader is easy and efficient to use.