S600 fully automatic rigid box making machine is the best equipment to make top grade rigid box. Reasonable design and credible performance. It consists of feeder part, corner pasting part, gluing part, positioning part and wrapping part. The machine adopts advanced programmable logic controller, photoelectric tracking system, accurate hydraulic pneumatic deviation correcting system, and convenient touch screen human machine interface etc to achieve automatic cardboard and paper delivery, four corners pasting paper gluing auto conveyance, positioning pressing automatic box drawing and catching, wrapping and all the work done consecutively just in one time to achieve high speed production. It achieves fully automatic production via on-line operation of machinery hydraulic pneumactic and electronics systems and so on. Increased production efficiency many times, innovated the conventional rigid paper box production more than 30 times production efficiency was improved compared with traditional technology. This machine is widely used to making shoes box, shirt box jewelry box ,gift box and other luxurious paper boxes.

Technical innovation:

A. Forming and folding mechanism adopts mechanical and electrical pneumatic to solve the whole folding ear, middle folding ear.

B. Forming and folding mechanism adopt mechanical and pneumatic together to achieve full fold into the high end 60mm

C. Feeder to achieve automatic delivery for wrap paper and cardboard, precision to sunction one sheet per time, keep them no deviation durning delivery

D. Hot-melting glue system to automatic heating circulation, mix the glue and precision to control the viscosity of glue can also automatic wash up gluing tank after finish glue work

E. Quad stayer to automatic folding cardboard and sticking its four corners by hot melt glue tape then delivery ii to named place of converying belt.

F. The hydralic penumatic spotter devicecombine with precision hotoelectric detecting system can correct and keep right positioning the sticked cardboard box on glued wrap paper.

G. The square press tooling can compact each conveying box that under its range make the touch surface between wrap paper and cardboard more neat and smooth expel air bubbles.

H. Box forming parts can continuous feed , fold box turn in box, box wrapped with one time finish

I. The convenient control panel equiped with sensitive touch screen HMI system can freely transorm between English and Chinese make each operate turn to easy.

J. This machine adopts the advanced PLC, it can precision control and realize the details operation of automatic rigid box production process.

Technical parameter:


The production process:


Machine configuration: