JB-1050AG full automatic stop cylinder screen press is a new model which brings in advanced design and production technology, adsorb the mature offset printing technology, innovation and has a patented technology, mainly for printing on paper and packing field. The machine adopts the classic stop cylinder the maximum operating speed is up to 4000pcs/h; Meanwhile, the machine use non-stop feeder and non-stop collection technology, change the old operation mode which must stop machine to load substrate and collection, which eliminate the waste of time in loading and collecting, improve the printing efficiency more than 30%. It's suitable for the screen printing on ceramic and glass transfer film, advertising, packing printing, brand, textile transfer, electronics and other industries.


Technical parameter:

Max. paper dimension1050X760mm
Min .paper dimension560X350mm
Max. printing dimension1050X750mm
Frame Size1300X1170mm
Paper thickness90420g/m2
Precision of overprint0.10 mm
Border≤10 MM
Max. printing speed800-4000 sheets/h
Power3P 380V 50Hz 11.3Kw
Overall dimensions6700×3060×2050mm

Machine configuration:

Feeding part: Full automatic non-stop feeder with pre-stacker, non-stop primary   and secondary feeding program, saving the working time, easy to operate, increase the efficiency, raised feeder height  ensure the feeding height.Feeder:Efficient and stable compact feeder head design, with two suck two delivery four suction, Adsorb and delivery different thickness paper stably .Note: it can be equipped with the anti-static device for substrates with high static content.
Feed board: Feed surface is worked by plating, avoid the rear of printing substrates to be scratched, at the same time feeding is very smooth; with the sensitive sensor it will stop automatically if without paperCylinder and register system: Cylinder stops step automatically to ensure the forehead of the printing stock can be sent accurately to the gripper of cylinder, which is up to extreme high precision; at the same time, gripper of cylinder and pull side-lay both have there magic eyes for supervising if the printing stock is in correct place.
Squeegee system:Two cams separately control the movement of squeegee and ink return blade; squeegee with the pneumatically pressure kept device, the printing graphics is more clearly and the ink layer is more well-proportioned.The screen frame rack can be pulled out, which is easy for adjusting the register or feeding,as well as cleaning the cylinder and screen frame; at the same time, it is assembled with device to hold the ink dropped toavoid the ink drops on the cylinder.
Delivery board:can be turned down by 90, easy to adjust the screen frame,fix blade, clean and inspect; with vacuum adsorption ensures delivery smoothly. The two wider convey belt which can avoid the belt break the substrate.Cover lift system: The inside temperature is inspected multipoint, if the temperature is abnormal the machine will stop automatically, as well as the cover will lift automatically.

Cover lift system: The inside temperature is inspected multipoint, if the temperature is abnormal the machine will stop automatically, as well as the cover will lift automatically.