JB-1050 Full automatic cylinder screen press is an independent innovation new machine with patent technology, which base on many years experience of producing of screen printing machine and adopt the technical of offset machine, it's mainly for screen printing of paper package field. It adopts non-stop feeder and non-stop collection technology, which change the old mode that the machine must be stopped to feeding and collection and avoid the waste of time for feeding and collection, which increase the printing use ration up to more than 30%.

Technical parameters:

Max.paper dimension1050X750mm2
Min.paper dimension560X350mm
Max.printing dimension1050X740mm2
Frame Size1170X1300mm2
Paper thickness100~420g/m2
Border≤13 MM
Max.printing speed500-4000pcs/h
Power3P 380V 50HZ 11Kw
Overall dimensions7300x2870x1950mm

Machine configuration:



Feed part:full automatic non-stop feeder with pre-stacker, non-stop primary and secondary feeding program, saving the working time easy to opearte increase the efficiency raised feeder height.

Feeder efficient and stable compact feeder head design with two suck two delivery four suction adsorb and delivery different thickness paper stable.



Squeegee blade and ink reclaiming blade: the up and down of squeegee blade and ink recliaming blade is controlled by cam which ensures printing pressure equally,however spot point or parts all can be printed accuratly the pressure of blade can be adjusted at any moment squeegee with the pneumatically pressure kept device the printing graphic is more clearly and the ink layer is more well-proportioned. the squeegee with pneumatically pressure kept device which make the printing image more clear and ink layer more equal.

Cylinder and register system: the vacuum cylinder surface is stainless steel canister after fine polish firm feed teeth is suitable for any thickness material and can be changed or adjusted easily side lay is controlled by up and down bearing which get high accurate precision for special material like thein paper and film etc.the pull push side lay with top and bottom bearing make the overprint with high precision for both thin and thick paper.




Feed board:feed surface is worked by plating avoid the rear of printing substrates to be scratched at the same time feeding is very smooth with the sensitive sensor it will stop automatically if without paper.

Screen carriage drive rail: adopts linear lead rail and bead bearing avoid quake and buzz when high speed working ensures printing stably and smoothly.



Delivery borad:can be turned down by 90o. easy to adjust the screen frame fix blade clean and inspect with vacuum adsorption ensures delivery smoothly.The thick paper anti-rebound device ensure the thickness is delivery smoothly.