Structure Characteristic:

HSC1500S/1700S/1900S high precision double rotary sheet cutter machine is our company adopted German technology and combined with many years of experience in production sheet cutter machine. Research and development of high precision stable running energy saving and efficient new products. Widely used in cardboard paper coated paper kraft paper culture paper double gummed paper. gloss photo paper gold and silver cardboard aluminized paper Laser paper packaging paper etc. Knife roller adopts double rotary screw knife roller design, cutting force is small, paper section orderly, high efficiency and steady running, German precision bearings and cutting knife, cut off the high precision. Touch computer interface control, easy to operate. Reasonable design of inflection device can effectively remove the paper curl make the paper more smooth, more conducive to the stability of the paper roll tension. HSC1500S/1700S/1900S high precision double sheet cutter machine is a kind of high efficiency high precision high stability paper processing equipment. After cutting paper don’t need to trim can be directly on the printer, reduced the production cost and is widely used in paper making and printing paper products processing machinery. 



Imported advanced processing center precision rotary sheet groove, high accuracy, stability, high cutting paper without burrs High quality gear box using no clearance design gear, meshing noise is low more than the traditional gear box twice; Good cast ductile iron wall and supporting parts, After aging treatment again by imports of large vertical machining center, precision high level requirements processing error is smaller, the operation of the machine more stable and reliable.

Top shear air knife innovation design include automatic stroke and side contact between top and bottom knife depth adjustment and tool free for holder fixing system. The pneumatic knife has wide range of application in light paper plastic film optic film and copper or aluminum foil different materials Rigid knife holder has excellent rigidity to perform high speed slitting up to 300m/min and good slitting quality.

Adopt German imports of Siemens PLC and the United States Emerson servo drive control system make the operation more simple automation, cutting length, number and the total number of finished products etc can be directly in touch screen input. The actual cutting length and cutting amount can be displayed in a timely. High efficiency and energy saving of high power. The United States CT servo drive rotary knife shaftand cooperate with the energy storage tank, 

effectively reduce electricity consumption improve the efficiency reduce the production cost.

Patent device can adjust the synchronous reduction wheel easy to operate, precision structure reduction wheel adopt synchronous power and add new buffer deceleration it will not produce a strong impact during the formation of high and low speed paper. It will a good effect to protect surface of paper, there will be no scratch on the surface and also will not have the facula.

Main Technical parameter:

Reference weight of cutting-paper150-1000g
Model of cutting paperDouble rotary sheeter
Cutting accuracy±0.15mm
Gross weight21000kgs/23000kgs
Total power90kw
Cutting length range400~1450mm/400-1650mm
Maximum scroll diameter1800mm(71”)Max
Maximum paper-cutting width1500mm/1700mm
The request for air compressor0.8Mpa
Overall dimension13500*4800*2540

Cutting speed for reference:

Cutting length mmSpeed (M/min)Speed (Cuts/min)

Structural Analysis of Fig: