Structure Characteristic:

  • HSC web cutting machine uses the advanced technology of Taiwan and Britain

  • The machine is driven by AC servo motor

  • The speed of paper cutting is fast and stable

  • Germany precise bearing and cutting knife assure the high cutting precision

  • Touch screen computer interface control simple operation reasonable structure

  • Anti-noise stands to ensure smooth paper

This machine is widely used in paper making paper products processing and printing industry and will improve efficiency and increase benefit for your company.

The content of standard configuration:

  • High-precision single knife cutting machine

  • Prismatic adjustment system for paper

  • Middle slitting and waste collection system

  • Automatic counting and label inserting equipment

  • Paper transporting equipment

  • Automatic paper trimming and collecting machine

  • Electrical controlling system

  • Driving motor

  • Accessory

  • Double lime pneumatic shaftless paper rack


QQ图片20190220143854.png QQ图片20190220143926.png

1. Cutting unit:

The upper knife uses the British cutter method to reduce the load and noise and extend cutter life. The upper knife roller is processed by steel welding and dynamic balance adjustment effectively reduce vibration and noise of the high-speed operation. The lower knife holder is made by cast iron integrally molded casting and precise processing with good stability. The reverse knife is made of special alloy steel with high precision processing, long life blade is easily adjustable.

2. Electronic control system:

The man-machine interface and TPC7062KS and HZU Processor mainly used for the input of production data monitoring of equipment operationg status and system fault indication. The rotary horizontal cutter is driven by Kymmene TISMGIK drive with fast operation and accurate positioning based on production and actual speed from pulling roller feedback by encoder.


3. Automatic pile allgnment device:

Life automatically moves down when the pile is stacked to a considerable height. The stacker table has finishing functionof three sides. One side is vibrated by motor another two by air hand wheel to adjust the position of papr to improve the simplicity and safety of operation.

4. Curling device

Curling device is in front of slitting device to eliminate curl or folding of web in order to control stabillity of web tension. The web first passes through curling components for the edge of the roll into pulling roller.

Main technical parameter:

Reference weight of cutting-paper50-550g
Model of cutting paperThe up knife cut reciprocally and the down knife is fixed
Cutting accuracy±0.3mm
Gross weight10,000kgs/13,000kgs
Total power28kw
Power consumptionAC380V/220v×50HZ
Maximum cutting speed300cuts/min
Maximum cutting meter speed300m/min
Cutting length range400~1450mm/400~1650mm
Paper-piling height1400mm
Maximum scroll diameter1800mm(71”)Max
Maximum paper-cutting width1400mm/1700mm
The format of slitting2sheet
The request for air compressorMax.5.5kg/cm2×5m3/min

Structural analysis of Fig: